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We do not offer you our services, we offer you measurable result, increase in sales, recognition and brand loyalty
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We are a team of soulmates who are passionate about implementing interesting projects that bring profit to business. We develop digital marketing campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses. We use our expertise to meet your goals. We are Houston.
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Tools we use
*Yandex is a widely used search engine in Russia and CIS
— Design
We offer a full range of work in design, from branding to creating layouts and animated videos. We'll create a unique image of your company that will help boost your brand recognition.
— Production
We work with experts, bloggers, and online schools to create high-quality content. Then we pack, sell and support it during the full cycle.
— Influence marketing
We increase your brand awareness and attract customers with the help of advertising integrations in blogs and popular communities.
— PPC on social media
Attracting potential customers, target followers and bringing sales for your business by PPC on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn
Our strongest features are content and creativity. We write texts, draw up content plans, and create designs based on numbers and the behavior of the target audience
— Strategy development
If you don't know where you are going, you'll never find yourself where you want to be.
A strategy helps to think over the customer journey, identify the role of marketing tools in this journey, and plan the features to attract your target audience.
— PPC and SEO
We use paid ads for your business in the Yandex* and Google search networks, and also attract organic traffic from Google, by optimizing the website to reach the TOP of the search results.
— Websites on Tilda
A high-quality, user-friendly website with expert content and stylish design is one of the key tools for promoting a company on the Internet.
Our goal is to give a final tangible result. We strive to gauge as much of the work we do as possible.
The result for the client
Stages of work
Launching, optimization and scaling
Strategy development and support
Technical preparation
Access to sources, setting up analytics systems

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