We increased the audience in profiles, worked for the loyalty of the community, and warmed up people to buy products by creating high-quality content. This project is a collaboration between the personal brand of the founders, Arina and Masha, and their brand, Geek Teachers.
Our task was to manage and promote the social media of the project as a whole.
— Instagram
— VK*
— Facebook
A community of teachers in social media who promote a modern approach to education and useful features for conducting lessons for other teachers in Russia. We had a chance to feel and share their values with the Geek Teachers brand for a year. Here are our results.

Geek Teachers
*VK is a popular social network in Russia and CIS.
Targeted advertising
Как и зачем мы развивали комьюнити учителей в соцсетях?
Информирование об услугах отеля с помощью дополнительного канала коммуникации (соцсети)
— Masha and Arina are teachers with school experience and a lot of ideas (the founders of the Geek Teachers brand).

— Geek Teachers startup organizes events for teachers and creates products that can be used in classrooms at school.
To tell the audience about the expertise of the founders, their ideas, and why it is essential to conduct lessons and integrate technology into the learning process of schoolchildren.
What we did:
We developed a strategy for maintaining and promoting the Geek Teachers brand, and a visual concept for profiles in social media profiles.
We prepared guest posts on a commercial basis, like posting vacancies in various organizations of additional school education.
We used a funnel through a free webinar to sell the "Turbo Party" and "Apps School" courses.

To attract traffic to the profiles, we launched targeted advertising which contained life hacks for working with students, ideas for conducting lessons, and reviews of free applications for school subjects.
Through the profiles, we posted useful content (reviews of free apps, tips, lesson ideas), announcements of events (online webinars from Masha and Arina, joint webinars with experts in various fields, offline events). We also presented and sold products and entertained the audience (prepared memes about school life).

Case in numbers:
The engagement rate, |
We also worked with the audience of previous interactions to show additional content in the profile.
Targeted advertising

It is rather difficult to reach teachers directly on Facebook using interests. Therefore, to promote the brand, we used a lookalike audience (1-3% LaL) which we collected based on the client's database. These were teachers who had previously bought their products or participated in offline events.
CR from visits to subscription
7000 attracted followers on Instagram as a result
average cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)
rub average cost per profile follower
rub average cost per click
— More than 400 attracted leads for the webinar
— Average cost per lead $0,67
— 54,55% CR of landing pages developed by us
A free webinar funnel was also used to promote Geek Teachers products. We were responsible for attracting warm traffic to the lead magnet.
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